Project Support

We take a hands-on approach to assisting our clients throughout the duration of their project, keeping in close communication with them and supply on-going support where needed. If issues arise, we are at hand to give commercial and practical advice, together with troubleshooting options. This ensures that problems are dealt with as and when they appear.

We are experienced in negotiating with third parties, reviewing and assessing variations and modifications, assessing and advising on claim entitlements and negotiating settlements. By providing sound advice throughout the duration of a project, we help prevent disputes from occurring, avoiding delays and extra expense.

We specialise in:

  • project health checks
  • novation of contractors and suppliers
  • assessment of entitlements
  • assessment and negotiation of claims
  • drafting contract correspondence
  • administration of project agreements.


We know that finding the right team for your project can get expensive, fast. At Maple & Co we have waived the standard introductory consultation fee charged by other law firms to ensure that you can comfortably ask the questions you need to ask. Reserve your session today to learn how we can work together to keep your project on track.